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Rookie provides essential things, like advice from Jon Hamm.

best line: “use your best judgement. or talk to somebody who has better judgement.”

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The point is that, for anyone—but especially for girls— it can be very hard to hold on to your ambition. Even now, when it’s pretty much taken for granted that most girls will grow up to have jobs, girls are still discouraged from taking their desires for accomplishment too seriously.

Because accomplishment is hard. And accomplishment, on some basic level, is pretty selfish. To really devote yourself to achieving something—anything: becoming a writer, becoming a lawyer, becoming the world’s best mini-golf player—you have to have a vision of what you want, and you have to want it fiercely, and you have to be able to throw your whole weight behind getting it. But girls aren’t supposed to care that much about what they want for themselves. Like my awful, awful health teacher used to say: we’re supposed to put our own ambitions aside, and focus on other people. And those other people don’t even have to be babies! Consider the difference between a guy who stays in every weekend to practice guitar, and a girl who does the same thing. The guy is a brooding, intense, passionate musician. The girl is just unpopular.

That’s all a load of crap. Ambition is great. Wanting things is great. Being willing to work hard to get what you want, being willing to make sacrifices in order to fulfill your own dreams: that is all super great, and admirable, and you are going to need it. Because here’s the thing: your ambitions and desires for accomplishment are what allow you to have a sense of self. If you don’t have a sense of what you want from life, it’s easy to just define yourself around other people, and to do whatever they seem to want from you. And other people can take away their approval, at any time. But when you provide your own approval— when you know what you want, and know you have what it takes to get it—you have a basis for feeling good about yourself that doesn’t go away.

Sady Doyle, On Taking Yourself Seriously

thank goodness for Rookie, and for Sady.

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oh hai paul rudd, you are my new background.

oh hai paul rudd, you are my new background.